It has been a defining year, one of trials, challenges, and changes, but these have led to amazing stories of strength, resilience, and support. They have also made one thing clear, that it is the people of Ontario’s Highlands – their faces, stories, and experiences – that are backbone to this region and what makes us stand apart from the rest. 

In 2021, we set out to meet the people and discover their stories and special connections, whether it be with the land, water, people, food, music, or wild spaces. Born from this journey is The Connections Series, a documentary series showcasing the stories of the people who live here. 

We invite you to follow along with each episode and reconnect with what you think is most special about this place we call home. Then go wander and rediscover local. 

Episode 1: Connected to Water

“The river is where I’m my best self. It doesn’t care who I’m pretending to be.– Stefi Van Wijk, Avid Paddler

Episode 2: Connected to Music

“In every season, Haliburton is inspiring – it’s the perfect setting for creativity.” – Nick & Benton, Musicians

Episode 3: Connected to Land

“It’s deepened my connection to the land, through my ancestors and through traditional practices.” – Amber Hein, Traditional Hide Tanner

Episode 4: Connected to Food

“Food brings people together…the experience of dining makes people happy, way beyond the food.” – Ian Carswell, Chef

Episode 5: Connected to People

“There needs to be a space where people can come and be themselves.” – Ro Nwosu, Yogi

Episode 6: Connected to Winter

“When you go outside … you forget about all that stuff that’s polluting your mind.” – Andrew Twigg, Winter Camper

Episode 7: Connected to Wild Spaces

“What’s really unique about getting out in these environments is that they’re wild.” – Lorne Foisy, Ice Climber

Thank You, for reconnecting us to our home

River Clean Up

Congrats to These Local Champions

Ontario’s Highlands did a call out to all residents and fans to celebrate and honour those in the community who continue to give back despite challenging time.  Whether they advocate for the environment or help preserve our natural wonders, they go above and beyond to strengthen the local community the local community.

We are excited to announce the Community Champions program has awarded a total of $9,000 to three local organizations in recognition of their contribution to the community. The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT), The Grind Pembroke, and Minden Rotary Club have each received $3,000 to support their good work in the community.  Congratulations to all these great organizations!